MCU480Master Control Unit

This device is capable of controlling all new generation GM7 devices. It also is capable of running escape room programs. With it’s touchscreen or via web access it’s made easy for escape room owners to run the room.
Starting @ EUR 1050,00 exVAT

Time Bomb Game Image

Time Bomb Game 

Time bomb games or time bomb props are the signature products of GM7.
They have full audio playback, light effects, optional RFID reader, optional fake explosives, optional wireless network capabilities.
Starting @ EUR 900,00 exVAT


GM7 External Timer Module

An external digital game timer to display the remaining or elapsed time. This module connects wireless to the GM7 XBee network and can be fitted with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Starting @ EUR 400,00 exVAT

Ambience Audio Module

A compact module to bring CD-quality stereo sound effects into your escape room. This module is capable of playing background music and timed or event-triggered sounds as well. All sounds are stored on a micro-SD for easy change.
Starting @ EUR 450,00 exVAT

ALM480Ambience Lighting Module

A compact module to bring 24-bit color (+ 8-bit natural white)light in your escape room. The module works with Neopixel led strips, which can become very bright. The module is capable of generating a lot of different patterns and colors.
Starting @ EUR 550,00 exVAT

WED480Wireless End-Point Device (Props)

Get notified when a player opens a box or solves a puzzle? Or do you want to change the whole room light and sound ambience when a hidden button was pressed? This is what you are looking for. A sensor into an interactive piece of hardware that can be embedded into different props.
Starting @ EUR 400,00 exVAT

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