The GM7 Time bombs

Meet the bombs that do not blow up innocent people in wars no one deserves. These bombs are made to make people enjoy their thrill seeking adventures, during combat sports, like laser tag, paintball and airsoft, or test their cooperative skills in a difficult and shocking escape room or any other escape/search/survival type of game.

^ The first one i’ve ever made. All settings and gameplay had to be done via RFID tags. It was (and still is, since i still have it) a little crude, but nice and simple time bomb game.

^ Just look at this beast! It has 4 timers, which can be set to 4 different times. Each timer has up to 4 defuse codes, that where needed to defuse this heavy duty crate bomb. Matter of fact is that the whole thing was built in a real used army crate which was holding RPG-7 rockets.

^ A small time bomb game made for a company running an escape room. The whole thing starts to work and count-down when it’s powered up. The only thing that is sticking out from the front plate, is the key panel.

^ Project with a remote controller, still in progress (top photo): Controller (left) and a time bomb game (right). Finished time bomb game (bottom photos). The controller has a wireless link to the time bomb game itself. This gives the game master the advantage to start, stop and alter game settings during game play, without the players even knowing he is doing that, or where he is doing that from. It costs a little extra, but if that is what you need; it is certainly considerable! Oh and the time bomb is going to have a nice feature on it: Smoke. Nice thing to know is that it uses my newest printed circuit board, my own designed GM7UTB and a early version of my own written GM7UTC firmware code. Both are heavily under development and improvement and the results till now are great.

^ Another time bomb game i’ve just finished. This is again a game to be installed in a escape room, or better said ‘escape bus’ (since it’s going to be ‘planted’ in a bus). Compared to all bombs i made before, this one is the most advanced and most ass-kicking device i’ve ever made. Just like the bomb and the controller in the picture before, this one is using my latest GM7UTB printed circuit board and has a early version of the GM7UTC (Universal Timebomb Code, how convenient…). The power of this particular device that adds a great amount of dynamics to escape rooms and escaping games, is the fact that it has a high quality audio output, which can mix in different sounds, tracks and beeps with each other at any time (polyphonic) and can be fed to an external amplifier. Plus the fact it has an extensive Buffered I2C bus connector-hub which can drive up to 8 relays (3 used in this model) and 2 external timers (1 used in this model) at the same time. Also RFID is implemented and integrated with the relay module. This device in this orange case has become more of a escape room controller than a bomb, without giving away that information. To the players it is luckily still a live bomb that is going to shred them up if they don’t defuse it in time. (Maybe good to know it actually doesn’t blow up at all, but shhhht, don’t spoil their fun 😉 )

Hand made and thoroughly tested, every time again.
All of my not-so-explosive devices are custom designed and custom built by hand and tested very thoroughly. All of my designs, use of materials and most important, the look of it, will be different with each bomb game I make. If you want a hand made, ass-kicking time bomb game, with a look no one else has, you can move on to the pricing list/pricing sheet on the next page.

Pricing and acquiring
-Starting @ EUR 800,00
-Time Bomb Games are only sold to businesses with valid Chamber of Commerce number
-Please do send an e-mail for any questions: RenderedImage


Warning/attention South_Africa_-_General_Warning_sign_(temporary).svg Read this please
Real bombs kill real people. Bombs (certainly most of them) do not discriminate between targets and can kill without the victim even know it coming. This quality makes bombs just so terrifying and scares the sh*t out of people if they get in close contact with a bomb. People in general can not see the difference between a fake bomb for fun/game use and a real deadly device. That’s why you should always handle any of the GM7 timebomb devices as if they where real devices when you are in public. Just do not take these devices with you in public when not needed and if you need to transport or use any of these devices in public, make sure you inform everyone that it’s a fake and in use in a game. Do not go to any airport, public/government building or station with these devices, without proper legal handling. You will get caught. You will end up in jail. You will regret. You might get shot. Don’t do stupid things. Don’t make real bombs. Do enjoy GM7 Timebombs 🙂

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